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Visuality is important. Our eyes our dominant sensors, we obtain the most information using them. Helping the message to get threw means the creative use of typography, graphics and also in depth knowledge of the used media transfering it.
Our experts are ready to make your message get threw when it comes to digital or analog media at the same level. May it be a generic layout, video, animation, web page, printed media based advertisement or a book, we will help your ideas become a product.
IT Solutions
Web based informations systems are our speciality. If your company needs to get tighter on information handling, or you have an urgent problem related to any data we are here to help you!
Our own framework enables us to create the complete information system of an organization. Off course we have our pre-built modules, but the power of the system shows up at custom made modules. Simple webpages, social media based strategies, CMSs, Webshops and such are also on our daily routine.
Research and Development
If you have an idea that would make a good app, product or complex solution to a problem, but you don't know how it can become a product, we'll add the skills and machinery to help it become alive.

We also have our own ideas. Please visit to learn more about our learning system targeting the world's labor problems.
Who we are?
DeXeF Ltd. Was established in 2001. We are specialized in creating complex visual and it solutions. Our experts on the field of layout design have decades of experience. IT solutions came at 2006 with mainly web based information and communication applications, but as a dynamic team we evolved to create educational solutions in 2010. We started research of embedded solutions mainly in favor of education and specialized devices in 2013.

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Address: Hungary H-3525 Miskolc, Szent Anna u. 12/b. [ Map ]
Phone: +36 46 500 990